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    Product Grading explained:

    Each and every product at FoneGiant.com undergoes a series of severe tests to ensure the quality of product. Once done, it is rechecked to ensure that its in a good working condition. Ahead of this, our products are also tested under cosmetics conditions, which will showcase about how the product will exactly look like. Apart from this, Products Picture are displayed for illustration purpose only Moreover, products grading are explained clearly below. Please read it carefully before purchasing any products from FoneGiant.com

    Brand New

    Brand New products are unused and comes with full manufacture warranty with all accessories The Box seal is occasionally broken to verify the content of the product.


    Grade A graded products at Fonegiant.com are perfectly kept and are untouched and no marks of wear and tear. These products are especially sold for people, who look for the best and not less than the excellent quality and love to use new phones.