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    1. Is my Order protected and what is FoneGiant.com Money Back Guarantee Cover

    A. Its Quite Simple , we want our Customers to experience safe and enjoyable shopping on FoneGiant.com. In a rare case if your item does not show up or not as described You get full refund with postage cost if any, hassle free.

    2. Is My payment details processed Securely ?

    A. Of course, we  use SSL security to secure ALL transactions, data transfer and logins, Our Website is secured by COMODO  company , one the best in the industory

    3. If I use paypal to make payment, am I protected by paypal protection

    A. Yes, we have paypal Business account which protect any purchase you buy through paypal.

    4. How can I track my order?

    A : Once you purchase an item online from FoneGiant.com , you will receive an confirmation mail for the purchase, You may receive email or Text for tracking a link or alteratively you can request the link after 24hours of dispatch

    5. Can I get a refund/exchange of the product?

    A: Yes you can refund or exchange the product within 14 working days of purchase date in its original condition and accessories if any

    6. Can I receive a replacement of product if the received one is faulty?

    A: Yes, you can get replacement of the product can be applied within 1-6 working days of delivery of the product received.

    7. How long will it take to receive my order?

    A: The confirmation mail you receive after product purchased will have the delivery date mentioned, normally 1-2 working days. If the product is delayed, you can directly mail at info@FoneGiant.com

    8. How do I unsubscribe from newsletters I receive from FoneGiant.com

    A: When you receive regular newsletters, you will see a unsubscribe option at the bottom of that. You can click on that.

    9. What happens if a fault is not covered by warranty?

    A: If the fault is not covered by the warranty (e.g. insufficient maintenance or incorrect usage) you will receive a quotation along with three options: - Pay to have the item repaired and returned. - Pay to have the item returned without repairs. - Abandon the item.

    10. I have received a product that I didn't order.

    A: If you receive a product that you have not ordered, contact our customer support team immediately. Be prepared to provide a description of the item (including model number) and the tracking number of the parcel.

    11. The price of a product has gone down after I purchased.

    A: after some product is under discount, then the cost will be lowered. There is nothing we can do with this.

    12. If email confirmation enough to show, we have purchased the product?

    A: Yes, once you purchase the product, an email confirmation will be sent to you. It contains all details including , delivery date, delivery address etc.

    13. How do I change my password?

    A: You can change your password through your FoneGiant.com my account.

    1. Log on to your FoneGiant.com & My account.

    2. Click on 'My Account' on the upper right of the screen.

    3. Click on 'Personal information' on the left.

    You need to provide your current password to be able to change it.

    - Please note that you need to re-enter the new password again.

    - Try to choose a password with high level of security.

    - Make sure that you fulfill the minimum requirements which is listed.

    14. Do you have you any independent customer reviews we can check out

    A. Yes Here is the link http://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/fonegiant1 

    15. Do You Ship to EU Countries 

    A. Yes we do we ship to the following countries Germany, France, Finland, Greece and Spain  for additional £10 delivery cost